Whyte stops Chisora in 11th round



Bitter rivals make a second go at becoming  Britain’s best inside of The O2 Arena in London, England the Saturday before Christmas. Dillian “The Body Snatcher” Whyte (25-1, 18KOs) retains the WBC Silver, and the WBO International titles after defeating Dereck “War” Chisora (29-9, 21KOs).

The first round saw Whyte land a left which buckled the knees of Chisora. However, in Rd 2, Whyte would retreat into a shell which allowed Chisora to stalk his taller opponent with determined precision. In round 3, Chisora played the role of body snatcher. He led the action forcing Whyte to the ropes.  By round 4, the intensity builds as Chisora’s stamina is reawakened. He focuses all of his attention at Whyte’s middle, while Whyte stuck to the counter shot. Chisora closed the round with a mad left hook. Things would descend for Chisora in the 8th after receiving a point deduction for a low blow. Whyte would become the aggressor in the championship rounds landing stiffer shots. Once the 11th round begins, Chisora receives another point deduction when the referee claimed he was throwing his elbows, cementing his defeat on the cards. However, as fate would have it, Whyte would unleash his signature left to end Chisora for the night. The knock out came at 1:56 in the 11th.

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