Golden Gloves 141lb Novice Champion Kierra “Kelola” Kerry


One boxer stood out for more than owning the ring. In a brilliant performance of self-will and determination, the one time street brawler turned to boxing as a means of living ones dream. Kierra “Kelola” Kerry has been fighting her whole life.  She adopted the nickname Kelola which means Victorious to signify her struggle. The one focus this Maryland made contender whose blood line has bore a lineage of boxers is more on being a great parent to two little girls.

What do you tell your girls after coming home after a fight?

Stay strong and you can do anything as long as you stay focused, dedicated, and motivated. Faith is the number one key. You have to have faith in yourself and everything you do.

Photo Courtesy Minnie Larry

What made you get into boxing?

I asked God about it, I always been a fighter. I always have been upright. In life you have to be physically and mentally there, it’s my strength. Always love strong. Sportsmanship, and being around the other people socially; I love being sociable and boxing is just it. You will always see a lot of people and boxing is it.

Photo Courtesy of Minnie Larry

Where does God fit in all of this?

He is the number one reason I’m here. When I was younger I always had boxing gloves. My family has boxers. People like Lala Ali, Mike Tyson, and Muhammad Ali are the boxers I looked up to. Also, I admire Rhonda Rousey.

What would you tell your girls ten years from now?

Never change always; be yourself; the world may change but always be yourself.


Author: Minnie Larry







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