Gone to Soon: Saints Defense End Will Smith

The measure of a man is not quantified by how much money he makes, by how many cars he drives, or by how much fame he accrues. A man’s worth lies in his unyielding support for family; his love for Christ; and how he treats his fellow man. A person who possessed the latter attributes was taken from us, way too soon. The senseless murder of  Former Defensive End, Will Smith has broken hearts around the globe. He was one of the nicest, kindest, funniest people.  In an industry where ego,arrogance, and over confidence fueled competition, Smith never lost sight of the trueness of who he really was. Smith left quite an impression on my Former Sports Director Rob Jay and I, at the Saints Hall of Fame Celebrity Golf Classic in 2013. What I must say, is for all the good I can speak about him, he really sucked at golf. Rest well in the arms of our Lord.  9BB68E5E-EFB9-405B-8D0D-7FDA88EC398BInterview with Ex-Saints Defense End Will Smith

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