“Were All Fighting For Something”: Lamont Peterson, The Journey in his words


April 04, 2015


Before trainers arrive, and the structure of the day begins, one of the biggest fighters to ever come out of Washington, D.C., sits alone, in a newly built, state-of-the-art gym. While the building houses one of the districts most prominent and beloved boxers, These freshly painted walls will never bear witness to the backstory of its highly decorated brawler.  While slowly taping his hands, his head slightly tilted forward, he seems to be lost in thought. One of the gyms’ members says it’s a ritual, a time for the boxer to meditate before grinding out a hard day of work. From this vantage point, it’s hard to imagine why he’s nicknamed “Havoc”, given the stillness of the facility’s mood. The Boxing Champ; part of the Premiere Boxing Champion series, will take on one of his toughest opponents, Danny “Swift” Garcia in a matter of weeks, yet he appears unscathed by all of the publicity and attention he is receiving as a result.


Once gloved, the non-assuming Lamont Peterson I noticed earlier, takes no prisoners inside the ring, ‘Havoc’ is awakened. His alter ego takes form in spectacular fashion, leaving most in the room happy that they will not have to stand in his menacing path, in just two short weeks. The older of the Peterson brothers is well known for his all around athletic skills, and from the amount of sweat, and ear splitting sound echoing from his gloves, as they rip through the unlucky training partners body pads, it’s clear to see why Mr. Peterson holds the IBF Light Welterweight title. Once given the chance to talk with him, we find out why work ethic, ambition and vision drive a once homeless pre teen, into becoming a part of boxing’s elite.


Q & A


Minnie:  How do you feel, knowing you get to play a role in the PBC Bringing Boxing back to Prime time?


Peterson:  It’s a great feeling and I’m honored to be a part of this whole movement. Boxing is alive and kicking, like I always say, “a lot of people like to say that it is dead”, but I know different. I watch a lot of the old fights and you had great fighters.  They were great fighters because people recognized them as great fighters and champions. They (the fans) saw the actual bout; they fought in and they (the audience) fell in love with the fighters. Now if you’re not a boxing fan, you just hear word of mouth.  They never really get to see boxers actually compete, the actual fight, the actual enjoyment of the bout, the excitement, and even if they get to see the fight, they really don’t know us. So its not lot of stories out there to tell our background and what we fighting for, Cause we all fighting for a reason. Its good our stories are being put out there, our names are being put out there right now and I think it will help put out boxing in a big way.


Minnie: This bout is scheduled for 10 rounds instead of the regular 12, who will get the advantage if it goes 10 rounds?


Peterson: If it is a 10 round fight that’ll benefit Garcia, it’ll benefit his style but of coarse you know I’ll make sure that it benefits me in the long run, I’ll make adjustments and make sure it benefits me. Here I’m training, I’m sparring 22 rounds straight, my conditioning is really great right now. So 12 rounds would do me some justice. I normally turn it on in the second half of the fight. I like the later rounds. I’ve seen Danny Garcia lose rounds towards the end you know, lose stamina; so 12 rounds would definitely me.



Minnie: The last time I was here, once you were gloved, you stepped in the ring and never left, although training partners did. You instantly switched to work mode.


Peterson: It’s a lifestyle.



Now, the conversation turns to the days of darkness Lamont and his younger brother Anthony, endured before being found by boxing trainer, Barry Hunter. Its common knowledge that as pre-adolescence, the siblings were forced to live in deplorable conditions, which ultimately caused the 8 and 9 year olds to become homeless. Living in and out of Foster care, with no real support, or common familial structure, the boys would go without everyday essentials.



Minnie: If given the chance to tell your younger self something, what would it be?


Peterson: The first thing I would say to the young Lamont Peterson is “ You were right!” I always saw myself being here, I knew it would be tough, and I knew it would be a long road, but I knew I would be here, at this position at a young age. I knew at 5(or) 6 years old that this is what I’d be doing. Of coarse Barry helped and taught me a lot along the way.


The main thing I would say to myself is to relax a little bit more, because, at those times, I was kind of, well I was never a wild child but, I just wanted to make it so bad. I had to be a man early and I felt like the weight of the world was on my shoulders. So if I can tell myself something, I would say relax, the weight of the world is to heavy, just relax.


I think at the end of the day any human being going through anything in life, eventually [you] will have to make a choice about what you want to do, once you make that choice stick with it, and give it all you got. You don’t take no for an answer. I looked at my situation and I realized, my situation was different most, it wasn’t the worst situation in the world, but it was different…so I wanted better. So when I realized wanted I in life, I had to figure out, how I was gonna get.

I was already into boxing, I didn’t take no for a answer, they’re were a lot of obstacles along the way. Tough times, [and] of coarse sometimes I wanted to stop, sometimes I wanted to quite, but I knew ultimately the goal at hand was to make it to this point. It was tough but I did it. That’s the way I go about anything, attack it head on. You know a lot of times people get down on themselves, and they make excuses, and they want you to feel bad for them, your sympathy makes them feel better, for me, that don’t work. For me its I’ll make it better, I’m gonna make it better and I go right at.


A lot of times people focus on the right now, [and] a lot of times what kept me grounded was looking ahead. I didn’t look at what was going on right now, I kept my head in my dreams, to 2015 to be here, and it helped me a lot of times, because, If you focus on right now, (yeah right now its messed up so your gonna feel some type of way). Sometimes I felt myself smiling…with a lot of hope. I didn’t understand then why, but now, I get it.


Minnie:  How has forgiveness played a role in your success?


Peterson:  Forgiveness for me, especially early on, my parents, you know of coarse, you go through a rough childhood, your gonna put it on your parents [because] likely its their fault. Even if they don’t wanna admit it or not. Because you didn’t ask to be here, Its their job to make sure that you’re ok and when that don’t happen, you tend to point fingers at them, feel some type of way about them, but at the end of the day, I forgive them both. I forgive them both because the main reason is it helped make me become who I am and I’m proud of who I am, and I’m happy and comfortable in who I am. I wouldn’t change it for the world.


Then you know we went through what we went through but I have no permanent scar, no permanent damage, those memories can easily be pushed away. I feel like I benefitted from the whole thing, so it was definitely a plus. Now that its over and I made it through, I can say, I’m glad I made it through. Yeah of coarse going through it, you don’t wanna go through it. If you asked me to rewrite my whole story, I wouldn’t change it. And another thing is, I understand people more now, human beings, so I understand my parents more, I understand who and what they are, and what they not gone do, what their capable of and what they not [capable of], so I have to respect that. One way or the other, they are who they are. I respect that and I embrace it, and its ok with me. I’m not just saying I forgive them because I’m supposed to move on, I really do, I truly, [have] not just forgiven them, but I understand them. I understand the whole situation, and why it happened, its just life.


Minnie:  Lastly, I just wanted to throw out some names and you give me the very first thing that comes to mind okay?


Peterson: Okay.


Minnie:  Anthony Peterson?


Peterson:  My other half, you can’t mention him without mentioning me, and you can’t mention me without mention him. Perfect combination, we mix pretty well.


Minnie: Head bangers Gym?


Peterson: Family


Minnie: Barry Hunter:


Peterson:  Hero


Minnie: And last, April, 11, 2015, Danny Garcia


Peterson: I feel like that’s when everything is going to come together. Everything in New York gone come together.




Showdown in Philly: Farmer vs Zenunaj


Venue- 2300 Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


By David Malandra Jr.

Photo courtesy of David Malandra Jr.


Tevin Farmer (24-4-1, 5KOs) over Darden Zenunaj (12-3, 9KOs) UD 99-91×2, 98-9

Garrett Wilson (17-11-1, 9KOs) over Lamont Capers (7-9-2, 0KOs) MD 58-56×2, 57-57

Joseph Adorno (debut) over Guy Newman (0-2, 0KOs) TKO 1:32 in the 1st round

Marcel Rivers (1-0, 1KO) over Tony Kim (0-1, 0KO) KO 0:41 in the 1st round

Roque Zapata (2-1-3, 1KO) over Isaiah Wise (3-1, 2KOs) Scores: 40-36, 39-37, 38-38

Victor Padilla (1-0, 1KO) over Kimmy St. Pierre (1-3, 1KO) KO 0:59 in 2nd round

Iegor Plevako (2-0, 1KO) over Montrell Castro (0-1, 0KOs) KO, 0:31 into 2nd round

Jose Gonzalez (6-0-1, 2KOs) over Tim Ibarra (4-4,1KO) Scores: 40-36×2, 39-37


So, who you got? Ward vs.Kovalev


Ward vs. Kovalev is shaping up to be one of the most anticipated match ups of the year. Now, for most, that’s not saying much after the dry spell October left boxing fans with. It would seem any bout you throw at boxing-starved viewers, would make for a welcome reprieve. So in the spirit of having the sweet-science back within eye, and ear reach, a 10- bout extravaganza has been put in place for your viewing pleasure.

So, who you got?

BoxherNews believes Kovalev will overwhelm Ward with his power slowly breaking down the naturally smaller man.  It will, by no means be an easy fight for Kovalev; as Ward is naturally a gifted fighter, whose technical prowess has been the bane of many of boxers. However, Kovalev’s activity in recent years and boxing opponents provide an edge over an inactive Ward.


Grozny, Russia’s,Bakhram Murtazaliev ( 6-0,4KO’s) will go head to head, in a 8-round middleweight battle against, Botirsher Obidou ( 6-0-1, 2Ko’s) of Anijan Uzbekistan. While both are at the genesis of their perspective careers, Murtazaliev is coming off an impressive 2nd round knockout over Magomedkamil Musaev (3-1, 1KO). This will also be the Russians first fight outside of his homeland.

Meiirim “Sultan” Nursultanpv of Merki Kazakhstan makes his pro appearance against Henry Beckford (4-5,1KO) of Hempstead, New York. While the “Sultan” boast an about average amateur career, his recent training with Robert Garcia, could be the potion needed to make him a house hold name. It will be interesting to see how this matchup will conjure the much needed waves, to be remembered alongside the more stage-friendly names.

Heavyweights Darmani “Rock Solid” Rock (5-0,4KO’s) of Philly and Las Vegas’ Brice Ritanicoe (4-4-1,3KO) are set for a romping 4- rounder. “Rock Solid” looks to extinguish his rival whose drab record at the start of his career hasn’t been much to boast about.

Toledo Ohio’s son, Tyler “ Golden Child” McCreary ( 11-0,6KO’s) takes on Grand Rapid’s own Vincent “Pooh Bear” Jennings (5-2-1,4KO’s) in a 8-round, featherweight matchup. While McCreary hopes to continue building on his unblemished record, the stage is set for Jennings to grandstand, that he deserves to stay a viable contender in the sport.

Unbeaten Ohio native, Sonny “Pretty Boi” Frederickson (14-0,9KO’s) will try his hands at Boston’s Gabriel Deluc (11-1,2KO’s) in 8-rounds of electrifying back and forth. This display will put both fighters in ear range of additional high-end bouts, so look forward to seeing these welterweights put it all on the line.

Spot Light Fight of the Night

One of the most talked about bouts of the evening will be the pro debut matchups of two American, female brawlers. Getting her feet wet for the first time on a professional stage, is none other than Flint native and 2-time Olympian (London 2012, Brazil 2016), Claressa “T- Rex” Shields. Shields is matched against another professional first-timer, Frashon “The heavy-hitting diva” Crews. The 2 faced one another in 2012, when Shields outmatched Crews, ending her bid for the London Olympic trials.

A must see fight of the night will be Curtis “Cerebral Assassin” Stevens (28-5,21KO’s) and James De La Rosa (23-4, 13KO’s), going toe-to- toe in a middle weight matchup. Stevens, the favored to win, is just coming off of a May 7th slam against Patrick Teixera, on the Canelo versus Khan Undercard. With new trainer, John David Jackson in his corner, the “Cerebral Assassin” is slated to do real, head banging damage to the unstable chin of De La Rosa, who is coming off of 2 major losses to Hugo Centeno junior and Jason Quigley.

Roc Nations own Maurice Hooker (21-0-2, 16KO’s) will duel it out with Darleys Perez (33-2, 21KO’s) in the super lightweight division. If Hooker’s August matchup against Ty Barnett, is any indication as to what he will bring to the ring this Saturday, were in for a good one. The 27-year old was on fleek when he knocked out Barnett in the opening round, on the Ward- Brand card. With this being Perez’s first fight of the year, it will be interesting to see what his plans are to halt the young masterful, Hooker.

The 29- year old who won Bronze during the 2012 London Olympics, Ukranian, Oleksandr Gvozdyk (11-0, 9 KO’s) may face strong opposition as he takes on  Isaac Chilemba ( 24-4-2, 10KO’s), in a light heavyweight battle. Back in July of 2016, Kovalev garnered an unimpressive win against Chilemba. Although Kovalev would receive the decisive win, Chilemba did not help in making Kovalev look good, going into his matchup against Ward.

Garcia crushes Vargas; ready for showdown with Thurman


Venue: Liacouras Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

When: Saturday, November 12th, 2016

Photo Courtesy of Premier Boxing Champions



March’s showdown between Keith Thurman and Danny “Swift” Garcia (33-0, 19KOs) was never in danger as Garcia scored a 7th round stoppage over journeyman, Samuel Vargas (25-3-1, 13KOs).  Garcia controlled the fight from start to finish.  A chopping right hand caused Vargas to perform a backflip that would have done Simone Biles proud. Vargas was able to answer the 10 count but never recovered. Garcia continued to batter Vargas until Vargas’ corner mercifully called an end to the fight in the 7th round.

In a one-sided showcase of boxing dexterity, Jarrett Hurd (19-0, 13KOs) sailed to a TKO victory against opponent, Ionut “Jo Jo” Dan (35-4, 18KOs). Hurd’s thudding right hand hit “Jo Jo” to his core, time and time again, never giving the replacement fighter, a chance to set his rhythm.  “Swift” crunched Dan’s “Jo Jos” with a low blow in the 3rd, sending him to his knees in a painstaking display of aggrieved emotion. Dan’s trainer, Howard Grant, put a stop to the punishment, throwing in the towel at 1:08 of the 6th round.

The lightweights took center stage in a bombastic first round of action. Javier “El Abejon” Fortuna (31-1-1, 22KOs) delivered a river-rushing assault, out the gate. Within the first minute, he threw a Malay of head and body shots, clearly showing off clinic- sharp poise. Not to be outdone, and before the round would end, Omar Douglas (17-1, 12KOs), discharged a left hook to the body, sending Fortuna to the mat. As the fight progressed, both brawlers would be warned several times to ‘Keep it clean’. Fortuna is constantly seen smothering Douglas’ punches by tying him up. The 7th and 10th rounds, the fighter’s antics leave them both eating gravel, in a tangled mess on the mat. In an eye popping finish, The Dominican rising star, “El Abejon”, would pull out the win. Scores cards: 96-93 x2, 95-94

Gennady “GGG” Golovkin stops Kel Brook in 5 Rounds




London, England

The O2 Arena crowd was left stunned, not by a GGG knock out, but rather by a corner stoppage. While the halt to the widely anticipated bout came as a surprise, no one should ever be upset when a trainer takes into account the health of his fighter. Much to the chagrin of the ‘booing’ crowd, that was the case when Gennady “GGG” Golovkin (37-0, 34KOs) defeated Kel “Special K” Brook (36-1,25KOs) by TKO, in Round 5. In Round 1, GGG stunned Brook with a shot to the liver. However, “Special K” would come make a fierce comeback, in Round 2, by slipping GGG’s punches and landing several combinations; effectively moving GGG backwards. In Round 3, Brook would begin to paw at his right eye after several solid GGG lefts. Brook started Round 4 off strong but began to dwindle under the pressure of GGG. Round 5 saw “GGG” land clean shots to Brook with “Special K” not answering any punches in return. The beating GGG put on Brook forced Kel’s trainer, Dominic Ingle, to stop the bout.

*Post-fight it was revealed; Brook suffered a broken right orbital socket.

From Contender to Journeymen: Guerrero vs. Peralta

Honda Center – Anaheim, CA


The Anaheim Honda Center was the hot-spot for a weekend of combat sports. The action began Friday Night, with Bellator #160, where MMA fan favorite, Benson Henderson, garnered a TKO win over an injured Patricio “Pitbull” Freire. Fans would later learn, “Pitbull” may have broken his calf (he) after unsuccessfully, checking his rival.

The end-of-week rush would continue Saturday night, with Premier Boxing Champions taking top- billing on Spike Sports. Robert ‘The Ghost” Guerrero (33-5-1, 18KOs) fought against a largely unknown Argentinian boxer David Emmanuel Peralta (26-2-1, 14KOs), in hopes of making his way back to title contention. However, Peralta had different plans; cloaking himself in National pride, fighting his way from taxi driver, to formidable rival.

Guerrero starts busy, sticking close body shots. Peralta, would not be the yellow brick road to Guerrero’s ascension. Using his height and reach, the Argentinian, initiated contact, cut off the ring, and landed successful upper-body blows.

By round 3, the brawlers would tussle in the corner, with back and forth action, resulting in a cut, on the right side of Peralta’s eye. In the 8th, the fighter’s legs would become entangled again; causing Peralta’s combo’s to sit the former 2-weight World champion, on the ropes.

Super Middleweight, Freddie “El Riel” Hernandez (34-8, 22KOs) snatched bragging rights in a Mexican-style showdown against Alfredo “Perro” Angulo (24-5, 20KOs). The first half of the bout saw Hernandez leading Angulo, in with his height and arm reach. By the 5th, Angulo stuck to his in- your-face approach never backing off, the Hernandez charge. Angulo would open a sweltering cut above Hernandez ‘s left eye, which did nothing to slow the ambitious 5’9 bruiser. “El Riel” would get the best of Angulo by never letting up on his punches, allowing judges to take stock, of the immense volume of landed punches. Scores were: 98-92, and 97-93×2

Unbeaten-Former Olympian, Terrell Gausha (19-0, 9KOs) continues his winning streak after stabilizing Steven Martinez (16-3, 13KOs). Martinez controlled the action during the opening rounds. However, during the last 4-rounds Gausha, would gain the point lead, landing cleaner, distinct punches. Scores were: 95-95, and 97-93×2

My take on Leslie Jones by Minnie Larry




I Don’t know what’s with people treating American actress #LeslieJones so cruelly. How can a person sleep soundly after going to such extremes, to humiliate a woman, who’s done nothing, absolutely nothing to deserve such ridicule. I hope the people responsible for impeding her (Ms. Jones’s) privacy are brought to justice.

As a culture we’ve been seduced Into thinking we can say or do any vile thing to one another, without repercussion. We’ve disguised ourselves on social networking mediums , ghostwriting our negative and destructive opinions, with no regard for the damage our words may cause. 

Now, (In Ms. Jones’ case) these unknown, evil foot-soldiers are breaking laws, just to drive home their rancorous contempt against a fellow human- being. I’ve seen the joke ( memes) and read the hurtful words written and I am so disgusted by how low, my fellow man is willing to stoop; to humiliate another.

Whatever happened to the notion: If you have nothing nice to say… Say nothing at all?

I have to believe we ( all God’s children) are better than this. I must believe We are not so numb to blatant calamitous behavior, (as to sit idly by) while a few continue corrupting OUR human experience.

It may be Ms. Jones today, but what if it were you tomorrow?

PBC on ESPN: Flores vs. Kielczweski, and James vs. Ugas

Venue: Turning Stone Resort and Casino, Verona, New York

Date:   Friday, August 10th 2016

Photo courtesy of Premier Boxing Champions

Unbeaten featherweight bruiser, Miguel ‘El Michoacano’ Flores (21-0, 9KOs) remains top- dog after a hot- blooded battle against Bean Town native, Ryan the ‘Polish Prince’ Kielczweski (25-2, 7KOs). The evening brawl, presented by Premiere Boxing Champions, by way of ESPN, didn’t disappoint. From the opening bell, the clash of physical prowess and determined aggression made for an eye-popping show of athleticism.

An eager Flores put up an earnest assault in the opening rounds, gnawing Kielczweski’s middle. Deliberate power-strikes easily put El Michacando ahead in points. However, by the 5th, The Polish Prince would find his stride, by taking his corners advice to, ‘Go straight down the middle.’ Kielczweski would break Flores’s momentum, and ‘KO’ his mouthpiece in the process. In the finishing rounds, there was a fair exchange and nearly equal number of punches thrown and landed. However, Flores kept pulling forward, exacting measured potent-punching performance. Scores were 99-91, 99-92, and 96-94.

The Welterweights

With only 27 days between his last victory and Friday nights contest, Jamal James (20-1, 9KOs) gambled his undefeated record, against Yordenis Ugas (16-3, 7KOs). James’ mountain- like, perforated, under eye injuries (still identifiable from his last bout), weren’t the only conspicuous physical blemishes, in the boxer’s stature. It would seem the 2- year interruption in Ugas’s fight game, more than prepared him for the end of week matchup. While most of the fight Ugas stuck to the body, by the 6th, he would deliver a right punch, so devastatingly hard, it would jerk James’s neck 90°, causing him to upchuck his mouthpiece. After 10-rounds of body busting bustle, the former Olympian cruised to a unanimous decision win. Scores were 99-91, 98-92,and 96-94.

The Beat goes on, Andre Ward dominates Alexander Brand.



On Saturday August 07, 2016, Andre Ward (30-0, 15 KOs) defeated Alexander Brand (25-2, 19 KOs) by unanimous decision at Oracle Arena in Oakland, California. Brand, the moving punching bag allowed Ward to illustrate his skills. Whether it be from the orthodox stance or southpaw, Ward showcased it all, a great jab, powerful left, great right, etcetera, etcetera. The only risk Ward face was an unintentional head butt in round 11, which led to a contusion on Ward’s forehead. The fight would mercifully come to a close after 12 rounds, the scores were 120-108, 3x.

Ward’s win setup a November showdown against light heavyweight champion, Sergey Kovalev (30-0-1, 26KOs).