So, who you got? Ward vs.Kovalev


Ward vs. Kovalev is shaping up to be one of the most anticipated match ups of the year. Now, for most, that’s not saying much after the dry spell October left boxing fans with. It would seem any bout you throw at boxing-starved viewers, would make for a welcome reprieve. So in the spirit of having the sweet-science back within eye, and ear reach, a 10- bout extravaganza has been put in place for your viewing pleasure.

So, who you got?

BoxherNews believes Kovalev will overwhelm Ward with his power slowly breaking down the naturally smaller man.  It will, by no means be an easy fight for Kovalev; as Ward is naturally a gifted fighter, whose technical prowess has been the bane of many of boxers. However, Kovalev’s activity in recent years and boxing opponents provide an edge over an inactive Ward.


Grozny, Russia’s,Bakhram Murtazaliev ( 6-0,4KO’s) will go head to head, in a 8-round middleweight battle against, Botirsher Obidou ( 6-0-1, 2Ko’s) of Anijan Uzbekistan. While both are at the genesis of their perspective careers, Murtazaliev is coming off an impressive 2nd round knockout over Magomedkamil Musaev (3-1, 1KO). This will also be the Russians first fight outside of his homeland.

Meiirim “Sultan” Nursultanpv of Merki Kazakhstan makes his pro appearance against Henry Beckford (4-5,1KO) of Hempstead, New York. While the “Sultan” boast an about average amateur career, his recent training with Robert Garcia, could be the potion needed to make him a house hold name. It will be interesting to see how this matchup will conjure the much needed waves, to be remembered alongside the more stage-friendly names.

Heavyweights Darmani “Rock Solid” Rock (5-0,4KO’s) of Philly and Las Vegas’ Brice Ritanicoe (4-4-1,3KO) are set for a romping 4- rounder. “Rock Solid” looks to extinguish his rival whose drab record at the start of his career hasn’t been much to boast about.

Toledo Ohio’s son, Tyler “ Golden Child” McCreary ( 11-0,6KO’s) takes on Grand Rapid’s own Vincent “Pooh Bear” Jennings (5-2-1,4KO’s) in a 8-round, featherweight matchup. While McCreary hopes to continue building on his unblemished record, the stage is set for Jennings to grandstand, that he deserves to stay a viable contender in the sport.

Unbeaten Ohio native, Sonny “Pretty Boi” Frederickson (14-0,9KO’s) will try his hands at Boston’s Gabriel Deluc (11-1,2KO’s) in 8-rounds of electrifying back and forth. This display will put both fighters in ear range of additional high-end bouts, so look forward to seeing these welterweights put it all on the line.

Spot Light Fight of the Night

One of the most talked about bouts of the evening will be the pro debut matchups of two American, female brawlers. Getting her feet wet for the first time on a professional stage, is none other than Flint native and 2-time Olympian (London 2012, Brazil 2016), Claressa “T- Rex” Shields. Shields is matched against another professional first-timer, Frashon “The heavy-hitting diva” Crews. The 2 faced one another in 2012, when Shields outmatched Crews, ending her bid for the London Olympic trials.

A must see fight of the night will be Curtis “Cerebral Assassin” Stevens (28-5,21KO’s) and James De La Rosa (23-4, 13KO’s), going toe-to- toe in a middle weight matchup. Stevens, the favored to win, is just coming off of a May 7th slam against Patrick Teixera, on the Canelo versus Khan Undercard. With new trainer, John David Jackson in his corner, the “Cerebral Assassin” is slated to do real, head banging damage to the unstable chin of De La Rosa, who is coming off of 2 major losses to Hugo Centeno junior and Jason Quigley.

Roc Nations own Maurice Hooker (21-0-2, 16KO’s) will duel it out with Darleys Perez (33-2, 21KO’s) in the super lightweight division. If Hooker’s August matchup against Ty Barnett, is any indication as to what he will bring to the ring this Saturday, were in for a good one. The 27-year old was on fleek when he knocked out Barnett in the opening round, on the Ward- Brand card. With this being Perez’s first fight of the year, it will be interesting to see what his plans are to halt the young masterful, Hooker.

The 29- year old who won Bronze during the 2012 London Olympics, Ukranian, Oleksandr Gvozdyk (11-0, 9 KO’s) may face strong opposition as he takes on  Isaac Chilemba ( 24-4-2, 10KO’s), in a light heavyweight battle. Back in July of 2016, Kovalev garnered an unimpressive win against Chilemba. Although Kovalev would receive the decisive win, Chilemba did not help in making Kovalev look good, going into his matchup against Ward.

The Beat goes on, Andre Ward dominates Alexander Brand.



On Saturday August 07, 2016, Andre Ward (30-0, 15 KOs) defeated Alexander Brand (25-2, 19 KOs) by unanimous decision at Oracle Arena in Oakland, California. Brand, the moving punching bag allowed Ward to illustrate his skills. Whether it be from the orthodox stance or southpaw, Ward showcased it all, a great jab, powerful left, great right, etcetera, etcetera. The only risk Ward face was an unintentional head butt in round 11, which led to a contusion on Ward’s forehead. The fight would mercifully come to a close after 12 rounds, the scores were 120-108, 3x.

Ward’s win setup a November showdown against light heavyweight champion, Sergey Kovalev (30-0-1, 26KOs).