PBC on ESPN: Flores vs. Kielczweski, and James vs. Ugas

Venue: Turning Stone Resort and Casino, Verona, New York

Date:   Friday, August 10th 2016

Photo courtesy of Premier Boxing Champions

Unbeaten featherweight bruiser, Miguel ‘El Michoacano’ Flores (21-0, 9KOs) remains top- dog after a hot- blooded battle against Bean Town native, Ryan the ‘Polish Prince’ Kielczweski (25-2, 7KOs). The evening brawl, presented by Premiere Boxing Champions, by way of ESPN, didn’t disappoint. From the opening bell, the clash of physical prowess and determined aggression made for an eye-popping show of athleticism.

An eager Flores put up an earnest assault in the opening rounds, gnawing Kielczweski’s middle. Deliberate power-strikes easily put El Michacando ahead in points. However, by the 5th, The Polish Prince would find his stride, by taking his corners advice to, ‘Go straight down the middle.’ Kielczweski would break Flores’s momentum, and ‘KO’ his mouthpiece in the process. In the finishing rounds, there was a fair exchange and nearly equal number of punches thrown and landed. However, Flores kept pulling forward, exacting measured potent-punching performance. Scores were 99-91, 99-92, and 96-94.

The Welterweights

With only 27 days between his last victory and Friday nights contest, Jamal James (20-1, 9KOs) gambled his undefeated record, against Yordenis Ugas (16-3, 7KOs). James’ mountain- like, perforated, under eye injuries (still identifiable from his last bout), weren’t the only conspicuous physical blemishes, in the boxer’s stature. It would seem the 2- year interruption in Ugas’s fight game, more than prepared him for the end of week matchup. While most of the fight Ugas stuck to the body, by the 6th, he would deliver a right punch, so devastatingly hard, it would jerk James’s neck 90°, causing him to upchuck his mouthpiece. After 10-rounds of body busting bustle, the former Olympian cruised to a unanimous decision win. Scores were 99-91, 98-92,and 96-94.

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