My take on Leslie Jones by Minnie Larry




I Don’t know what’s with people treating American actress #LeslieJones so cruelly. How can a person sleep soundly after going to such extremes, to humiliate a woman, who’s done nothing, absolutely nothing to deserve such ridicule. I hope the people responsible for impeding her (Ms. Jones’s) privacy are brought to justice.

As a culture we’ve been seduced Into thinking we can say or do any vile thing to one another, without repercussion. We’ve disguised ourselves on social networking mediums , ghostwriting our negative and destructive opinions, with no regard for the damage our words may cause. 

Now, (In Ms. Jones’ case) these unknown, evil foot-soldiers are breaking laws, just to drive home their rancorous contempt against a fellow human- being. I’ve seen the joke ( memes) and read the hurtful words written and I am so disgusted by how low, my fellow man is willing to stoop; to humiliate another.

Whatever happened to the notion: If you have nothing nice to say… Say nothing at all?

I have to believe we ( all God’s children) are better than this. I must believe We are not so numb to blatant calamitous behavior, (as to sit idly by) while a few continue corrupting OUR human experience.

It may be Ms. Jones today, but what if it were you tomorrow?

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