Jack and DeGale advance to a Super Middleweight unification bout.

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The DC Armory in Washington DC hosted Showtime Boxing. In a stunner, Badou “The Ripper” Jack (21-1-1, 12 KOs) retains his WBC Super Middleweight title against Lucian Bute (32-4, 25 KOs) with a majority draw. Jack would box effectively throughout the 12 rounds, landing his right at will to Bute’s head and body. The 1st round saw each fighter feeling the other out. Jack would begin to dictate the pace of the bout with an effective jab and crisp right. The Ripper’s perpetual motion threw off Bute’s timing. Probably thinking he was winning the fight easily, Jack coasted the last three round. Bute would capitalize by pressing the action and landing his left on a clearly tired Jack. The fight ended with Jack landing 61% of his power shots. Judge Stephen Rados scored the bout 117-111, Judges Glen Crocker and Omar Mintun Sr. both had it 114-114.  Jack will face DeGale in a Super Middleweight unification bout in the fall. On 05/26/2016, the WBC stated Bute tested positive for the banned susbtance enobosaram. The fight will probably be rulled a no contest.

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After the fight, Jack stated, “I won the fight, but everybody saw it though so it’s all good. I feel I landed more punches than him. But everybody saw it though, so that’s what matters. He was very tough. I may have given away a couple of rounds, maybe the last one or two rounds or so but I won the fight clearly. Right now I’m just going to relax, go home and see my beautiful daughter, take some time off and be back in the fall with DeGale.”


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IBF Super Middleweight Champion, “Chunky” James DeGale (23-1, 14 KOs) won a controversial unanimous decision over Rogelio “Porky” Medina (36-7, 30 KOs). Porky took the fight to DeGale pressuring the champ from the opening bell. DeGale would resort to posturing by sticking his tongue out which did not win over the DC crowd. ‘Porky’ would respond by spitting at DeGale. Medina would continue to press the action in the later rounds with strong body punches and left hooks. DeGale would counter Medina’s shots with crisp rights. The later rounds would see DeGale begin to show the effects of the body shots by staying on the ropes. Medina would capitalize with effective combinations to the head and body. In the end, a battered and bruised DeGale would get the unanimous decision win 115-113, 117-111 2x much to the dismay of the DC Armory crowd.

DeGale on his performance, “The boxing skills are too good.  If I’m being honest, he’s a very strong fighter, but skills pay the bills.  I watched this guy years ago and this guy didn’t have the engine like that.  He’s gotten better and stronger in the last year and a half.  I’m a bit disappointed – I should be taking out people like Porky Medina, no disrespect to him.”

Medina on DeGale, “I pressured him and came here to give a good fight and good performance. That’s what I came to do tonight. I don’t know what he came to do. He just came to run, and avoid going to war with me as much as possible. I don’t see how they can give the decision to someone that doesn’t want to fight.”

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Chris Pearson (14-1, 10KOs) in convincing fashion, won a uniamous decision over Joshua Okine (28-7-1, 17 KOs). Pearson got off to a quick start stunning Okine in the 1st round with a stiff jab. In Round 2, Pearson would throw a vicious low blow which sent Okine to the mat and left every man present cringing. Okine would recover and pick up the pace in the later rounds but it was too little too late as Pearson takes the decision win 99-92.

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In a Super Lightweight bout, Sharif “The Lion” Bogere (28-1, 19 KOs) dominated Samuel Akoako (21-10, 15 KOs). Bogere was the quicker of the two combatants landing effective combinations against the slower Akoako. “The Lion” would stalk his prey over 10 rounds, winning a unanimous decision. Scores 100-90 3x



Official Weigh in Results: Jack vs. Bute & DeGale vs. Medina


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Badou Jack 167.4 vs. Lucian Bute 167 (WBC Super Middleweight Championship)

Photo Courtesy of Mayweather Promotions

James DeGale 167.6 vs. Rogelio Medina 167.8 (IBF Super Middleweight Championship)


Chris Pearson 159 vs. Joshua Okine 158.8

Sharif Bogere 135.6 vs. Samuel Amoako 136

Carlos Gongora 173 vs. Zacharia Kelley 170.2

Latondria Jones 153.6 vs. Kamika Slade 144.4

Keegan Grove 133.4 vs. Antoney Napunyi 128.6

Moshea Aleem 153.8 vs. Martez Jackson 153


April 30th, 2016

DC Armory, Washington DC.


April 01, 2016, DC Armory Ashley Theophane vs Adrien Broner

Broner vs Theophane_Fight_Nabeel Ahmad _ Premier Boxing Champions-2
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On Friday, April 01, 2016, in front of a sold out crowd of 8,172 at the DC Armory in Washington DC, former Super Lightweight Champion Adrien “The Problem” Broner (32-2, 24KOs) stopped Ashley “Treasure” Theophane (39-7-1, 11KOs) by TKO in the 9th round. It was a rough week for Broner. He lost his title for failing to make weight and is also being forced to settle an arrest warrant for felonious assault and aggravated robbery in his hometown of Cincinnati.

Broner vs Theophane_Fight_Nabeel Ahmad _ Premier Boxing Champions
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Broner took out all his frustrations on Englishman Ashley Theophane. In the early rounds, Broner brushed off Ashley’s overhand rights with vicious uppercuts and body shots. By the middle rounds, it was only a matter a time before the battered Theophane succumbed to Broner’s power. The end came in the 9th round after a Broner uppercut wobbled Theophane. Broner would follow up with a body shot, which later, after replay was shown to be a low blow sending the battered Theophane across the ring. Theophane raised his hand to signal of the low blow, But referee Luis Pabon waived the bout; calling it at 1:10 in the 9th round.

April 01, 2016 DC Armory Results Robert Easter Jr. vs. Algenis Mendez

Easter vs Mendez_Fight_Nabeel Ahmad _ Premier Boxing Champions-2
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Adrien Broner’s stable mate Lightweight Robert Easter Jr. (17-0, 14KOs) dominated former Super Featherweight Champion Algenis Mendez (23-4-1, 12KOs) Easter Jr. walk down Mendez with a stiff jab and sharp right. In the 5th round, Easter Jr. landed a solid right hand which sent Mendez to dream land.

“My performance was okay. I could have done better, but I’m happy. I got touched more than I expected.

“Once I settled down, I knew I was going to catch him. I had to stay patient.

“Two boxers makes for a boring fight. I wanted to go in there and brawl, but be smart. I knew when I stepped on the gas I would put him to bed and that’s what I did.

“He was definitely the toughest opponent I have faced in a shorter fight. He is a former champ and he came in ready.

“This was a huge opportunity for me. Toledo, Ohio showed up tonight in DC and I’m just happy I got the knockout.”


April 01, 2016 DC Armor Results Anthony Peterson vs. Samuel Neequaye

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Anthony Peterson (37-1, 24KOs) won a unanimous decision over Samuel Kotey Neequaye (22-2, 15KOs). The two combatants went toe to toe for ten rounds. Peterson would land the more forceful punches. Neequaye could not keep the busier Peterson off of him. The lightweight competition was awarded to Peterson with the scores 100-90, 97-93, and 96-94.

“I’m happy to be back. It felt good to get touched and get some work in. I haven’t gone 10 rounds since March of 2014.” – Anthony Peterson

“A fighter is lying if he says he wants rounds. Fighters want the knockout, but I’m not complaining about getting the work in.” – Anthony Peterson

“He was a little more awkward than I thought he was going to be. He was tough. He threw some wide shots.” – Anthony Peterson

Mike Stafford, answer to “The Problem”…Adrien Broner

Mike Stafford, the man behind Broners success and trainer since childhood, speaks with boxhernews.com, giving viewers a glimpse into the soul of the man…WBA (Super) Super Lightweight Champion Adrien Broner (31-2, 23 KOs).

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Saturday March 12th– Oohs and Ahh’s notify onlookers of the champs’ arrival. Adrien “The Problem” Broner strides through the double doors at the Sugar Ray boxing gym to take in a night of amateur bouts, at the Golden Gloves boxing tournament. With a few accompanying friends in tow, he tries making his way to his seat. However, when you’re one of the most successful and outspoken millennial, in the sport, the trek to finding a seat, can seem like a monumental task. As he makes his way through the crowd, Park Police Officer, McCracker, approaches the Phenom and asks for a picture. The often publically brash, Broner, appears honored by the request and obliges the serviceman. As more and more attendants become aware of his presence, Broner stops to shake hands, take more pics and engage every person wanting to be noticed.

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The night of fights seem to preoccupy Broner’s mellow mood. In just 2-weeks, he will go head to head with fellow boxer, Ashley Theophane,(36-6-1, 11 KOs) who’s a member of the esteemed Money Team. Now, for most, going against any part of the Mayweather machine, would cause one to tremble in intimidation, however 26-year old Broner seems the least bit phased, as he interrupts an intense day of training, to support amateur boxers.


After my many attempts at getting the athlete to speak to me, when I am denied again, do I find myself simply staring at him, waiting for some volcanic like eruption to ooze from his mouth? “The Problem” simply states, “I don’t do interviews”, and he says it with a smile. Ohh Kay, what was that?! The publically feral, and habitually flippant super lightweight champ, I was expecting, gave me a stern, but gracious response. While I know probing him will not be in my best interest, I notice something. What I’ve come to believe about his persona non grata, may be an allusion, a well formulated character, who lives in stark contrast to the man himself. Now my mind and eyes are warring trying to make sense of the person I believed Broner to be, and the kind, generous superstar seated just a couple of feet away.

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Once the dust is settled and the fights begin, it’s easy to see the man affectionately known as “Coach Mike” standing off to the side, studying each person entering the ring. Most of the attendees don’t take a second look at the kind gentleman standing towards the back. While unassuming, the always smiling Mike, lurks in the backdrop, quietly. As the many fighters test out nerves and prepare for their moment of stardom, none of the potential prospects pay attention to the one person, who could develop their talents, just like he did with his most famed protégé.


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While his appearance isn’t lost on everyone in the packed gym, his show of support for the hungry talent, speaks louder than any knuckle crunching and faces splitting action taking place inside the square-ring. The Ohio born Stafford, on the surface is the complete contradiction to the aura emanating from his famed apprentice. Mike keeps Broner feet planted on the ground. When Mike is in the room, everyone including Adrien Broner listens.


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Famed Trainer Mike Stafford took a moment out of his time to talk about Adrien Broner, and offer a couple clues into solving “The Problem”:

As a man; Adrien Broner (he) cares about kids. He got 7 kids now, he is a good father.  He has over 20 members at my gym.  He helps the kids at my gym. He provides transportation, meal money and uniforms, whenever I come to him he cuts a check; that’s the type of guy he is. Adrien employs a lot of people. He has over fifteen people he employes.

When you see negative articles about him?

You know you got to remember he’s a kid, an inner city kid too. He did a lot of growing up.  He is not pushing or smoking dope, he always tested negative for drugs.  Most of these guys test positive for a lot of stuff.

Next fight against Ashley Theophane?

Training going great, Adrien is a World Champion, and he acting like a World Champion.  It just so happen its Floyd’s fighter.  Adrien did not call Ashley out, Ashley called Adrien out, and Al Haymon made the fight happen. Its going to do wonders for Ashley to get in the ring with Adrien.  A lot of fighters do not want to fight Adrien.  I’ve seen him knock guys out with a jab.  Adrien is an all time talented kid.  He’s not going let any one steamroll him and take his belt.  His smartness is there; all is left is to raise his hand on April 01.


Adrien  Broner takes on Ashley Theophane Friday, April 01, 2015 at the DC Armory.


Written by Minnie Larry